About Me

I'm watching the livestream and the cameras keep showing you!

Was one of the texts I received when I was partying it up front row at Ultra Miami main stage in 2016.  At the time, I had no idea that in that moment, Stream Queen was born.  Since 2016, I have been featured in a number of live stream sets from EDC & Ultra, several after movies, DJ recap videos, as well as my official pictures posted from the biggest festivals in the world, and recognition from ravers all over the world.  One of my favorite moments was when I was at Mixmash at Nikki Beach for Miami Music Week in 2017, and someone recognized me from across the crowd, ran up to me, and went on about how he had seen me in all of the sets he watches.

For my second EDC in 2016, I spent months looking for the three perfect outfits for the weekend.  I had the hardest time finding something that would actually stand out in a crowd of girls that all shopped at the same online stores.  I decided to craft my own outfits- I bought basic materials online, along with all the materials needed to customize the clothing, and rhinestone-d my way into one-of-a-kind rave outfits that truly stood out.  After showing off several of my handmade creations on Instagram, I started getting a wave of messages from girls asking me to make an outfit for them, or to sell the ones that I was wearing.  I realized that I was not the only rave girl that wanted to go beyond the basic rave outfit look and wear something that was truly unique and attention-getting.  Beyond asking about my outfits, I got questions about my hair color, my extensions, what I do at festivals, how I get on the live stream so much, and so on.  I decided to make streamqueenxo.com so I could not only share gorgeous outfits and accessories with you, but so I could show other rave babes the tips and tricks I've discovered from years of going to festivals.