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Boobs- 2.5 Year Update

Technically, I'm 4 months away from it being 3 years since my boob job. WOW HOW TIME FLIES. I had several requests on Instagram to post an update however, so here we are!

Instagram Questions:

"CC size, dealing with hate comments/being known for having fake titties, etc."

I have 500 cc silicone implants, moderate + profile.

And god, I sure hope the first thing people think of when they think of me isn't 'fake boobs'. Lol. Not that I mind people knowing (obviously), I have been very open about it since day 1 on social media. My boobs aren't my identity though, so I would hope I am 'known' for my personality, loving EDM, or even my rave outfits or makeup over just my boobs. I understand where this came from though- the fact that not many people talk openly about plastic surgery, especially about something like breast implants, and even more especially when they have a social media following. Which honestly irritates me so much. I totally get wanting to keep things private and for a lot of people, plastic surgery is a very private experience. But I have a huge issue with girls that have a social media following, who obviously have had procedures done, that lie to their followers and try to pull themselves off as "all natural". This causes such unrealistic and unhealthy expectations for what women look like and just is not okay. I never want to be that kind of person or try to hide anything that I have had done, so I don't and never will. So to answer your question, if people think of me as the girl with fake boobs, that's fine, because I would rather attempt to be a "role model" to anyone considering surgery and let others know that it's okay to do a procedure if you really want it. It isn't something to be ashamed of or embarrassed of and the more we speak openly about getting procedures, we can lessen the negative stigma that is sometimes attached to plastic surgery. Not to mention, we won't fall into the trap of promoting body dysmorphia and giving others unrealistic ideals for how women look.

As far as hate comments go, I truly just don't give a shit :) I will see the random comment on an instagram post, very rarely on my own page, but I see them a lot on other pages' reposts of my photos. And idk, it just doesn't bother me. If I was trying to hide the fact that I had surgery then I would be incredibly embarrassed and probably re-think my decision if I saw people 'calling me out'. But, I'm not embarrassed to have implants. I have multiple posts on Insta talking about implants, this blog, and a highlighted story from my recovery process. I answer any and all messages I get with questions about the process and my experience, and will speak openly with anybody who asks. Any girl who says something negative about someone who has had plastic surgery is the type of girl to tear down others no matter what. If they weren't commenting on the plastic surgery, they would find something else negative to point out in a rude comment. This comes from their own self-esteem issues and the need to feel better about themselves, and they think tearing someone else down will help them feel better about themselves. Whenever I see a girl saying something negative about my boobs, I honestly just feel bad for them and hope they are able to feel comfortable with themselves someday.

Whenever I see a guy comment something negative about my boobs, I just go to their profile and end up laughing. Any guy who has something negative to say about a woman's body is a goddamn incel and based on all the ones that I have seen, they are in absolutely no position to be picky about women :)

I've actually looked up why some guys don't like fake boobs, not that I give a shit whatsoever, but out of curiosity. I read an article saying men are biologically hard-wired to find natural breasts attractive, it has something to do with their chances of reproducing and traces back to our caveman ancestors and their need to reproduce healthy children that will survive. So essentially, guys that either don't mind or actually love fake boobs are more evolved than the losers that complain about implants. Trust me, it's science :)

"Where did you decide to have the incision?"

My surgeon, from what I remember, only does implants with a crease incision. He told me it makes it easier to place the implants properly, more towards the middle of the chest where they should be. And he said if anything happened or if I ever wanted a revision, he would have to cut there anyways to remove the implant. So my incision is in the breast fold AKA the crease. It's hidden when I wear any sort of top and even without anything on, you can't see the scar because of the placement.

"Where did you decide to place the implant, above or below the muscle?"

I did below the muscle. This was the best option for me to achieve a more natural look since I am skinny and didn't have much breast tissue to begin with.

"Your height and 500 cc relation if you want to go bigger in the future"

I am 5 foot 6. My implants are big for my body, which is what I wanted and literally asked my surgeon for, lol. I do NOT want to go bigger however. They are exactly the size I want.

"Will the implant ever not look like an implant after time? Like will it settle into the body"

.....? It's been nearly 3 years, how they look now is how they are gonna look forever, lol. My implants went through the settling AKA 'drop and fluff' process in the months after my surgery. Just wanted to point out that I WANTED the 'breast implants' look. It was literally my goal. I wanted my boobs to be big and to look great, but obviously not look natural because no one with my body type could ever have boobs this big, it isn't humanly possible. Some girls want implants and their goal is to have a natural look, which is great. But that wasn't my goal at all :)

"Scar care"

I didn't do all that much honestly. I used silicon scar sheets for a few weeks, not very consistently though. I have no idea if they helped at all, but my scars have lightened up a TON and I honestly don't even notice them, nor does anyone else unless I point it out.

Kind of a weird angle for a picture, lol. I circled the scar with the black, that pink-ish line underneath is from my sports bra so just ignore it!

"What do they feel like"

They feel like two bags of silicon gel, a bit of muscle, and a bit of natural breast tissue. All in all they are soft and squishy and bouncy like natural breasts.

"Can you talk about your decision in size in relation to your frame?"

So like I said above, I wanted the 'fake tits, porn star (ish)' look. I was (and still am honestly) obsessed with two Australian models who are skinny with big boobs and idk, they are just GOALS. So this is where my inspiration came from and why I decided to go as big as I did, cause it looked great on them and this was the look I wanted-

(Ellie Gonsalves and Renee Somerfield)

After I decided this look was my goal, I realized my initial decision of 325 cc implants was WAY TOO SMALL and would NOT give me this look I wanted. Which is how I ended up with 500 cc.

"Any issues with them getting wonky or out of place?"