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I Caved... and Joined Only Fans

Well, I finally caved. After about a year of insisting that I would never create an Only Fans, I did a full 180 and decided to try it out. AND I LOVE IT, TBH.

My decision to expand onto this platform was partially because of the potential of $$$ but mainly because I have become terrified to post on Instagram since they implemented their new TOS. I have gone 6 years of having Instagram, most of which I was posting half-naked rave content in pasties, without ever having an issue with my posts getting removed by Instagram. Within the past 3 months, I have had a few stories and one post removed, all of which I was wearing a typical rave outfit (for me, aka pasties). I started getting more and more worried about the potential of Instagram completely deleting my account and started to accept that I need to be a bit more careful about what I post on there. I would be absolutely devastated if I lost my Instagram platform I have put my heart and soul into over the past few years. So I created OF with the hope of making a little side income (all of which is going right into my 'music career' lol) and to have a place to post the content that I would normally post on Insta, but am too scared to now.

It was a little daunting at first, like any new platform is. I spent some time looking at other creators' profiles to get an idea of what content is out there. I knew that a lot of girls use it to post porn-like content they create, but I had no idea the extent of this until I started checking out profiles. I decided that for me, I was going to post the same kind of content that has gone or would go on Instagram. So things like rave outfits, lingerie-but-make-it-rave looks, videos, etc.

Instagram Content vs. OF Content

One of the first things I noticed that was different about OF is content creation doesn't take nearly as long as Instagram, which I love. With my Insta content, I usually make posts as part of a collaboration with a brand, so I need the content to be as good as I can possibly make it. This means spending 1-3 hours on hair and makeup, accessorizing the outfit, setting up my light ring and tripod, fiddling with the lighting and angles, and a 1 hour minimum of taking pictures. Not to mention, going through the hundreds of pictures afterwards, finding my favorites, and spending another 1-2 hours editing them in lightroom. The entire content creation process for an Instagram post takes up the better part of an entire day, just for 3-4 pictures to post.

With OF, I've found that there's no where near that amount of "pressure" I feel to make the content as perfect as possible. I can spend an hour on hair and makeup, and another hour taking pictures (with 3-4 outfit changes), and I get a decent amount of content that I can post throughout the week. My content on OF feels much more natural and authentic, not so much "picture perfect" or "fake" like Instagram content can sometimes be. I'm not obsessed with finding the absolute perfect angle and picture, so I actually enjoy doing my little home photoshoots more for OF than when I'm shooting for Instagram, it feels less stressful and more fun/carefree.


One concern that I had prior to starting up my platform was the expectation that people there have... and by that I mean the expectation of nude/porn-like content. To help with this, I have a mini disclaimer in my OF bio that says "non-nude". I guess the majority of people don't read the bio and go straight to messaging me asking about nude content. I have a screenshot of my bio with the "non-nude" circled, which I've been sending in response to any of those messages, lol. I've been really surprised by the responses to that, literally every person replies something along the lines of "ok cool no worries!". I was a little worried I would get some rude people with something to say about how I don't do nude but it hasn't been that way at all. Dare I say that people on OF are more respectful and nice than people on Instagram...? If you are thinking about making an OF page, I can definitely tell you that you do NOT need to do nudes or porn content to make money there. Sure, you won't be making as much as the girls that do that content most likely, but you'll definitely be able to make a little extra money to help pay bills or pay for a festival.


When I started my page, I had a subscription price of $7. I kept it that way for about a week to try it out. I got around 20-30 subscribers, which I was thrilled about! I decided to change my page to a free page and focus more on making money from things like tips and PPV (pay per view) content. I exchanged a few shout out-for-shout out posts with some of my friends on the platform. I've had my OF for a little over 3 weeks and am currently at 2,200 or so followers and in the top 5% of creators. (The top percentage info is calculated by how much the creator makes). I am pretty happy with my growth on OF so far. It's hard not to compare myself with other girls that are making absolute BANK, but if anything their success helps me stay motivated to keep working on growing so I can get there too one day. I also have to keep reminding myself that it's going to take a bit longer for me to make money since I am a little more limited in the content I post on there. So for right now, OF just gives me extra spending money which is awesome. I was able to buy a 2020 MacBook Pro after my second week of posting on OF which is absolutely amazing. (This is a something I have needed for the past two years or so. My previous Mac was a 2014 Air with literally no storage space, super slow, crashing a lot, etc. Just outdated and needed to be replaced. Before OF, I was aiming to have enough saved up to buy a new Mac within 6 months. My OF income allowed me to get it within two weeks- I am typing on it right now and am SO HAPPY). My next goal with my OF income is to finish paying off my boob job.


So I do have a complaint about the platform. Well, two actually. The first is that OF doesn't have an app.... which is SUPER annoying. I hate needing to go to my internet browser on my phone to make posts or reply to messages. The other complaint is that OF's servers are super slow? Or something, I'm not sure. But the website is constantly having issues such as things taking FOREVER to load (or straight up not loading at all sometimes), the website giving an error message, weird glitches with messages and posts. It's a little frustrating to be honest. From what I read online, I guess OF didn't upgrade their servers when they started getting super popular in the past few months during quarantine, so they have a ton more people using the website now than they did last year, and they need to do some upgrading and updating. Hopefully they do this soon!

Girls Supporting Girls

I don't really know what I was expecting as far as this goes on OF, but I absolutely love that OF is very much a 'girls support girls' platform. I guess I thought it might feel a little competitive but it isn't that way AT ALL. I was expecting all guy subs at first, and I was surprised when girls from Insta and other creators followed me! I love following other creators and hyping them up and supporting them, and I'm glad they do the same for me. It definitely makes it feel like more of a social media community rather than a 'buy my nudes' sort of platform if that makes sense. Almost like Instagram 2.0 I guess? BTW, if you are reading this and have an OF and want to do a SFS, just let me know! <3

Not Getting Flagged on Insta

If you are reading this because you are thinking about making an OF, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION OF THIS BLOG POST. When Instagram updated their Terms of Service in December 2020, they made it more difficult for creators to direct their audience to the Only Fans website. Story posts with an OF link will immediately get removed for "sex solicitation". Bios with an OF link will get you flagged and potentially deleted by Instagram. Too many violations will get your account deleted. Sending the link in messages will get you flagged. Saying "Link in Bio!" on posts or stories will get the post deleted and your account flagged. Honestly, almost everything you would post to direct your followers to OF will get your account flagged, banned, or permanently deleted. You need to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL with how you go about promoting your OF on Instagram. And when I say extremely careful, I mean that you need to be high-key paranoid and overly cautious with how you promote your OF.

Here are my loop hole tricks for promoting my OF on my Insta-

Make a Twitter. You don't need to use it, I barely do, but Twitter is much more friendly when it comes to OF links than Instagram. Put your OF link right in your Twitter bio link.

Make a Link Tree or All My Links to put in your bio. This is helpful if you have multiple social media platforms. (If you don't need multiple links then you can skip this step). Have one of your little tabs/links be for "OF". I'm overly cautious and won't even use "Only Fans" anywhere on Insta, even on Link Tree. Don't link directly to the OF website though, link to your Twitter. Anyone who clicks on your OF "link" through your Link Tree will be directed to Twitter, where they can immediately see your Only Fans link and click it there.

If you make 'swipe up' stories with a link, use your Link Tree or Twitter link, NEVER your OF link!

If you want to refer to OF on Instagram, be as vague as possible so it doesn't get flagged by Instagram's algorithm. I say things like "my other platform". I'm too scared to even put the letters OF in my caption or on my stories.

Be VERY careful about what pictures you post both on stories and on your feed. This is how things get flagged for 'sexual solicitation', especially if the caption or link is in reference to OF. One time, a picture in my swim suit with a swipe up to my Twitter account got removed from my story for 'sexual solicitation'. To promote my OF on my story now, I take a screenshot of my top % notification or of my followers/likes on the OF platform. I crop it so I get rid of the OF logo. I post that on my story with something like a smiley face or a "yay so happy, thank you!" and a link to my Twitter. Because there is no 'nudity' this hasn't been getting flagged as solicitation.

You can never be too careful in your DMs. Never send your direct OF link, and never say "Only Fans". Use things like OF or 'the other platform' and if you send any links, make sure it's just your Twitter link. Do not talk about what you do on your OF platform on Instagram, even in DMs. If somebody asks you what kind of content you do, tell them you have a description in your bio there. Instagram has started flagging sexual words and even emojis now, even in DMs.

Should You Make One?

Yes! OF is whatever you make it. If you want to do hardcore porn then GO FOR IT! If you want to share lingerie pics, GO FOR IT! Hell, if you just want to share pics of your feet, GO FOR IT! Really the sky is the limit with this platform. Might as well do what you enjoy doing (assuming you like creating content) and get a little extra money for it right? ;)

If you don't already have an OF and want to sign up, I would really appreciate it if you could use my referral link! To be completely transparent with you, using the referral link of any creator helps them out a little. Only Fans gives that creator a small percentage based on how much you make, BUT DON'T WORRY- this money comes from Only Fans, it is NOT taken out of your earnings whatsoever. (Only Fans does take out a percentage of everyone's earnings FYI, but the referral earnings don't mean you make any less than you would if you signed up with OF without a referral link). If you do end up signing up, let me know! I would love to help promote you on my OF page and my Instagram in exchange for using my link, and of course to help with any questions you might have! I'm still fairly new to OF so I'm not claiming to know everything, but between the past few weeks on OF and the past few years of building my Instagram, I do have some tips and tricks! <3