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Lip Injection Myths

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

1. They last forever

I think a lot of girls think that once they get their lips done, that will be their first and last lip injection procedure. Which is not true! Different formulas (restalyne, juvederm, etc) will last different amounts of time, usually somewhere between 6 months and a year. If you want to keep the volume you achieved through getting fillers, you will need to go in every 3-6 months and get them touched up, usually only a half syringe. Once you stop getting fillers, your lips will go back to their original size (however, some women report that their lips remained slightly larger than their natural size even when they stopped getting injections).

2. You'll end up looking like this-

This was my biggest misconception when I first went in to get my lips done. I overestimated how much volume one syringe would give, and I was worried that getting a full syringe would turn my lips into a massive disaster. Depending on how thin your lips are to begin with, one syringe might not even be a noticeable difference, it definitely wasn't for me!

Here's a photo of my lips before my first injections, immediately after, and one week after-

Top- before my first syringe. Middle- immediately after my first syringe. Bottom- a week after my first syringe.

This was with one full syringe of juvederm, and my lips look slightly bigger, but not much. Definitely no where close to the 'lip injections gone wrong' photo.

3. You'll have your ideal volume after one syringe

This is another misconception that I was unaware of prior to my first appointment. Although I was worried my lips would end up like the first photo, I was also expecting them to be noticeably fuller, kinda like Kylie Jenner. Imagine my disappointment when I realized my lips only looked slightly larger than before, and when they didn't look different at all after a month. Two months after my first injection, I went in for a second syringe (read about it here). Here's my before/after with my second syringe. Keep in mind, the top picture was taken after my first injection, which dissolved in less than a month, because my lips in this top pic look exactly the same as my 'before' pics above.

Top- a month after my first syringe and right before my second. Bottom- a week after my second syringe.

Ah, now we're getting somewhere! This is exactly what I was expecting when I went in for my first syringe, it just took twice as much to get there as I thought it would.

Here is what my lips look like right after my second syringe and a little over a month later-

Top- a week after my second syringe. Bottom- a little over a month after my second syringe.

SO MUCH BETTER than what my lips were like a month after my first syringe! Even with two syringes (well, probably more like one since my first dissolved so fast) I was still MULTIPLE injections away from looking like the first pic in this post.

About two months after my second syringe, I went in for a third!

Top- one syringe, Middle- two syringes, Third- three syringes

4. They hurt

I have a pretty low pain tolerance, yet I was able to film a few Instagram stories while I was getting injected. Your injector will use a VERY strong numbing cream all over your lip area before the injections. Now, I'm not saying you won't feel a THING- you will definitely feel the pressure from the needle and it is a bit uncomfortable. But it's definitely not painful. My period cramps are like, ten times more painful than getting injections. Getting a flu shot is much more painful than injections. It looks a bit scary because the needle goes so far in, but I promise, you can get through it.

5. You'll be fine to go back to work that day or go out the same night

I wasn't sure how to phrase this, because yes, you will FEEL fine and normal to do regular activities the day of. However, your lips will be fairly swollen, you'll probably have some bruising on your lips and around your mouth, and I'm not going to lie, talking or moving your lips the day of and the next day is a little uncomfortable. I run an ice cube around my mouth right after my injections and throughout the next day to help the swelling go down, and it also helps them feel better. After my second syringe, I went to work the next day, and although it's not such a big deal that you should take the day off, talking a lot made them feel more sore. I would recommend scheduling your injections at the end of the week so you don't have to go to work the next day. Although, if you do need to go to work or an event the next day, it's not the end of the world, it's just a little uncomfortable with the swelling. That being said, if you are getting your lips done before a big trip or an event, make sure you schedule it at least a week before. That will give you enough time for the swelling and bruising to go away, and for talking to feel normal again.

6. Bruising isn't preventable

In my experience, this is definitely not true. Before my first syringe, I hadn't drank alcohol or taken any Advil for a week or two before my injections and experienced pretty much no bruising. After my second syringe, I had taken Advil the morning of (and days before) since it was still early on in my boob job recovery. Advil is a blood thinner, and taking it will increase your risk of bruising. With my second syringe, my lips bruised a lot worse than the first time, but it went away within a week. Advil, aspirin, alcohol, ibuprofen, and vitamin E supplements are the main things you should stop taking a week or two before your injections, to help minimize the bruising.

7. All lip injectors are created equal

This isn't so much a myth as much as it is common sense, but I just want to point out if you have a bad or less than ideal experience with one injector, that doesn't mean it will always be like that! Like I mention in my lip injection post, I had a really bad experience the first time I got my injections. Not only was my injector kind of rude, I felt really rushed throughout the whole process, I had no idea what was going on or what to expect, and the fillers were gone within a month. I was so disappointed in my first experience that I wasn't sure if I wanted to get them done again! Luckily, I found Alfie with Utah Facial Plastics and was beyond thrilled with my experience with them AND my results. If you aren't happy with your lips or who you went to, definitely don't let that discourage you from trying a different clinic, because there are some AMAZING ones out there!