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Best Lip Injections in Utah

I had to visit two different clinics before finding the best lip injections in Utah... Utah Facial Plastics!

I always forget to save the photos before adding text on my Instagram stories... lol

This was my second time getting lip fillers. I had a HORRIBLE first experience a few months ago when I wanted my lips done before Ultra. I'm not going to get into the details but it was awful and I was unsure about going and getting them done again, even though I wanted more volume, but I'm so glad I did!

I went to Utah Facial Plastics in Draper, Utah on Wednesday, May 16. My injector, Alfie, is a nurse and one of the sweetest people I've ever met- she made me feel like we were best friends within the first five minutes of my appointment. She really took the time to ask me what look I was going for, the volume, etc. We decided on Juvederm Ultra Plus since I told her I wanted as much volume as possible (haha does that sound familiar? If you haven't read my boob job story, check that out next!) and decided on a full syringe.

She numbed my lips with a sticky white numbing cream and let it sit for a while.

After ten minutes she started injecting my lips with the syringe. It doesn't hurt very bad, you really just feel the pressure from the needle. It's definitely not painless, but it's not as bad as you would think! She took probably 20-30 minutes to fully use up the syringe, I appreciated that she took her time to make sure she was putting the formula in the right places and that they were even!

She gave me a mirror and I nearly DIED. This was such a big difference than the first time I got them done and had to send before/after pics to my friends because I couldn't see a size difference. THIS is how I wanted my lips to look when I first got them done but was sadly disappointed, so I was over-the-moon that they were exactly what I was hoping for!

After fillers, your lips are swollen, bruised, and a little bloody. You can see a few little marks where the needle was put in and where I started bleeding, and I have slight bruising on the outside of my lips. It isn't awful looking, but you definitely don't want to get fillers right before a big trip. I was told it would take a week or two for them to look completely normal- although I had pretty bad bruising after my breast augmentation that went away in a few days, so I'm hoping my lips are the same!

The only bad news is that your lips do swell up when you get injections, so about 30% of my current lip size is due to swelling :( Once the swelling goes down, they won't be AS full as they are right now, although I think they will still look great once the swelling is gone.

Here's the most important thing you need to know about fillers:

It usually takes more than one syringe to get you to the volume you want! Depending on how big you want your lips to be, you might be going in and getting a syringe every few months, spread out over a period of time, to fully achieve the look you want. My injector told me it took her 6 syringes over 2 years to get to the look she wants, but now she just has to touch them up with a small amount every few years. So, if you want kylie jenner lips, know that it won't happen in one go, or even two (depending how big your lips are right now).

Depending how my lips look after the swelling goes down, I will most likely want another half or even full syringe, but I'll wait until a few weeks before Tomorrowland so they are freshly plumped up for Europe:)

Overall, I had a fantastic experience with Utah Facial Plastics and with my injector, Alfie. If you are in Utah, I HIGHLY recommend going there for your lips!

Questions from Instagram:

Did it hurt?

A little bit, but not like you would think. You can definitely feel the pressure from the needle but they use a really strong numbing cream so it's not painful! I mean, I filmed videos while she was injecting me so if I could do that, it's obviously not the worst pain ever :)

How much does it cost?

It depends on where you go, what size syringe you get, and what formula you get. The full syringe of Juvederm Ultra Plus that I got goes for around $600.

Day After Injections:

I remember my lips being sore but damn I forgot actually HOW sore they get after. The bruising is more noticeable today and I've been icing them on and off all day. It's nowhere near the pain of when I got my boob job but just be warned- they will be sore the few days afterwards!