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Tomorrowland Planning Guide

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Tomorrowland is the only festival that I've been to where I had to start preparing and planning for it nearly a YEAR in advance (10 months to be exact). Why does it take so long to plan for a Tomorrowland trip? The biggest reason is honestly money. Tomorrowland is EXPENSIVE. I'll break down prices below, but my entire trip to Tomorrowland cost around $4,000. Another reason is that since Tomorrowland is in Belgium, the majority of people want to travel Europe while they are there. I've had so many people ask me how I planned and prepared for my TML 2018 trip, so here are all the details with a timeline of my planning process at the end.

Important Tomorrowland Dates (based on 2018, will be similar for 2019)-

January 9- Ticket and package prices posted online

January 20- Global journey on sale

January 27- Worldwide pre-sale

February 3- Worldwide sale

July 19- Weekend 1

July 26- Weekend 2

Buying TML tickets is so damn confusing and complicated because there are hundreds of different options for buying tickets. You can buy a ticket to the festival alone, pair it with a dozen different camping and hotel packages, buy it with a train, shuttle, bus, or flight package, etc.

The first thing you will want to consider when buying a ticket is if you want to stay in a hotel or at DreamVille (the camping area).


If you want to stay at a hotel during TML, you can either book your hotel on your own, or look into Tomorrowland's hotel packages. They have partnerships with hotels in Brussels and when you chose a hotel package, the ticket is included. If you want to save a little money and book your hotel on your own, then you will just need to buy a festival ticket. TML's hotel packages have a shuttle included to take you back and forth from the hotel to Tomorrowland, so if you book your hotel on your own, you will need to figure out transportation as well.


This is where things start getting complicated. There are quite a few camping options in DreamVille, so if you have decided that you want to camp, your next step will be to decide which camping package you want.

Magnificent Greens is the camping area where tents are not supplied for you- you will need to bring your own tent, mattress, chairs, table, etc. It is also the cheapest option.

Easy Tents have two options- easy tent and spectacular easy tent. They are fairly similar- TML will provide the tent and have it set up for you, so you don't have to bring your own. Spectacular Easy Tent is set up on wooden flooring and has a few things added to it that the regular Easy Tent does not. The majority of them are for 2 people, with a few being for 4 people.

The Montagoe

The Montagoe is the name of the area that the 'glamping' options are set up in. These include-

Relax Rooms- are essentially a shipping container with beds inside (there are some single relax room options, but the majority are for 2 people)

Dream Lodge- fancy tents that are on raised platforms

Cabana- similar to relax rooms, except they have a canopy ceiling and are decorated a bit fancier

Kokono- basically a huge teepee tent with a large bed instead of two small ones

The camping options vary in price by quite a bit- with Magnificent Greens being the cheapest and the 'glamping' options such as Cabanas and Kokonos being the most expensive. Pretty much all of the camping options are for 2 people, except for a few single person relax rooms, a few 4-person easy tents, and Magnificent Greens (where you bring your own tent, so you can purchase as a single person or as a group).

Once you've figured out what camping or hotel you want, the next thing will be to decide what type of ticket you want:

Ticket Options

GA- General Admission

VIP- Called 'Comfort', gives you access to VIP viewing decks and a few other perks (costs a few hundred more than GA)

After you've decided on what type of ticket you want and what your accommodation will be, now it's time to figure out if you want to purchase your ticket in a travel package.

Travel Packages/Global Journey

Tomorrowland has a ton of different travel package options. You can get your ticket and camping or hotel package through a Discover Europe package, where you travel around for a few days before Tomorrowland and see different parts of Europe. You can book your ticket/accommodation with a train or bus package from another city, or with a flight from pretty much anywhere in the world. (Keep in mind, the travel packages are quite a bit more expensive if you buy it with TML versus booking it on your own). The benefit of getting a global journey package is that all of your travel arrangements are made for you, you just have to show up and get your ticket. You don't have to worry about booking the right train or bus at the right time and figuring out how to get to Boom on your own. The downside is they are VERY pricy. The train package that I got added several hundred dollars onto my ticket price, even though I could have booked a ticket on the same train for around $50.

So there's a very quick summary on how to figure out what type of ticket package you want to book.

Here are the details for what I booked-

I got a GA ticket because I didn't think the viewing platforms were worth the extra money for the Comfort tickets. I decided on a Cabana camping package so I didn't have to worry about bringing my own tent, and so I could get a decent night's rest in a bed instead of in a sleeping bag. I wanted to visit Paris on my trip, so I combined my TML ticket and Cabana with a Global Journey train package, which included a round trip train ticket from Paris to Brussels and a shuttle from Brussels to Boom/DreamVille.

GA ticket + Cabana DreamVille camping + Roundtrip Paris/Brussels Global Journey train ticket= $3,390 (keep in mind that the camping packages are for 2 people, so this was the cost for 2 people)

Tomorrowland doesn't do payment plans like other festivals, so I had to pay the full $3,390 in January when I purchased my ticket package.

I booked my flights so that I would have a 12 hour layover in New York City on my way to TML so I could sight see for a little bit, since I had never gone to NY. My roundtrip flight from my hometown -> NYC -> Paris was around $900.

I booked a hotel in Paris for a night before TML and a night after TML, which was about $350 total.

Tomorrowland uses a currency called Pearls, which you purchase with a credit/debit card and load onto your bracelet. I spent around $500 at the festival on things like clothes, food, drinks.

When I was sightseeing in Paris, I spent around $400 on food, drinks, transportation, and tour tickets.

In total, the entire trip cost me around $4000, which includes everything like my TML ticket, accommodation, transportation, food, etc.

Here is my timeline of when I purchased/booked everything for my trip:


Purchased TML ticket and DreamVille package


Purchased flights to Paris


Booked Paris hotels