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Ultra 2018

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

I seriously can't believe this was my third Ultra Miami! I fell in love with this festival from the moment I walked in the gates on day one of my first year in 2016, and my love (let's be real...obsession) for it has only increased every year I go. I am dedicating my first blog post to my favorite festival and to share with you some of my favorite moments from this year!

I started off my Ultra adventure with Mixmash Miami at Delano on Thursday.

Timmy Trumpet, A-trak, Blasterjaxx, Deorro, and Laidback Luke were all announced on the lineup; with special guests surprises by my favorite DJ- Afrojack, as well as Hardwell and Quintino.

It was all fun and games until my pre-game drinks started wearing off... We headed to the bar and ordered two doubles. I started sipping and nearly spit it all out when I saw the bill was NINETY TWO FREAKIN DOLLARS. For TWO DAMN DRINKS! Damn Miami, u expensive.

So nearly a hundred dollars later and I was feeling pretty good again, but then my friend and I had to pee. We wandered around the venue like lost puppies because there were no signs ANYWHERE for restrooms. We saw what looked like a line of drunk spring breakers and headed towards it. The line was guarded by a bouncer but the confusing thing was that I saw no bathrooms at all. The people that were in line walked out of the gate... straight onto the beach. No bathrooms at all. My friend and I were just like ummm...okay....? But the bouncer insisted that this was the line for the bathroom. Five minutes later we are on the beautiful white sandy beach but still not near a bathroom. We were told to turn right so we walked to the right, behind the venue that we were at and into the parking lot that separated the Delano from the venue next door. We walked up to a trailer-looking thing that some girl said was the bathrooms. Hallelujah!

But then we got up to the trailer and got told by the bathroom attendant that they were closed. Wtf?! So, like any drunk girl that had been needing to pee for the past fifteen minutes, we were starting to get desperate. We ran (literally) around for a little bit but did not see any restrooms or even a damn port-a-potty set up. Luckily there were a lot of plants on the beach, though, so we trudged through them until we were semi-certain no one could see us, squatted, and... all was good. Yes, I am not ashamed of admitting I was the girl that peed in the bushes on South Beach. #sorrynotsorry?

So after our bathroom-emergency-turned-ratchet-girl situation, the rest of the night was awesome. I freaked out when Afrojack came on stage, danced my heart out when Deorro played 'Freak' (one of the first songs I loved when I got into EDM), and didn't spend another hundred dollars on two drinks. We left at around 10 to get a good night's sleep, because ULTRA IS IN THE MORNING, BITCH!

Day One

Day one outfit details-

Top- Etsy

Bottoms- iHeartRaves

Jewels- Gypsy Shrine

I had butterflies all morning as I was getting ready, I can't even explain my excitement for knowing I was about to be 'home'. Several drinks later we made our way from our beautiful Airbnb overlooking the bay, to the metromover train that was already full of ravers. Walking down the street toward Bayfront brought that rush that you only get when you know you are about to have the weekend of a lifetime. But of course, day one means the longest wait in line...We were there for about an hour and a half.

We met the people next to and beside us and talked about the surprise guest (SHM, anyone?). At one point a guy standing a few feet behind me got my attention and held up his phone with my instagram pulled up, asking if that was me. I said yes, and he told me his girlfriend (standing next to him) followed me on instagram. I made my way back and met them and got a picture with them.

FINALLY the line started moving, and I was SO READY to be inside and get to the railing of mainstage! A quick stop by the water filling station (camelbaks are life) and bathrooms and we were on our way to front row. And of course, had an amazing night:

Being at the railing meant I saw a lot of people with artist/backstage pass wristbands walking on the other side. At one point, there was a group of three guys that were walking towards the middle of the stage but stopped right in front of me. One of the guys was staring me down while talking to his friends. I was pretty confused and looked at them with a 'What the hell?' face. After a few minutes they moved along, but shortly after came back, and stopped right in front of me AGAIN. The guy continued to give me the weirdest stare-down ever and I couldn't help but just glare back, cause ya know, I'm just trying to have fun here. They walked away, but about ten minutes later did the exact same thing a THIRD TIME. I was standing next to this guy who got really excited and got the guy's attention, and took a picture with him. They left and I asked the guy I was standing by who they were. He looked at me like I was crazy for not knowing that the guy that was being a total creep to me was Ezekiel Elliott, who is apparently a pretty big deal in the NFL world. I don't care who the hell you are, being creepy towards girls is never okay. So imagine my surprise when about thirty minutes later him and his friends are standing RIGHT BEHIND ME. First of all, how the hell did you get through the dense crowd so fast? Second of all, how did you even find where I was standing in such a huge crowd? Third of all, no, I'm not going to dance with you. He covered his face with a bandana-type thing and put his hood on (probably so he wouldn't get recognized by others or get seen on the livestream), so it's hard to tell from the video below. But that's the story of how I got creeped on by a Dallas Cowboys player (who was visibly pissed off that I wasn't fan-girling all over him, LOL).

Day Two

Outfit Details-

The Lumi Shop

Shoutout to The Lumi Shop for sending me this gorgeous holographic sequin outfit for Day 2! I had so much fun matching my glitter and makeup to the outfit (makeup tutorial coming soon!).

Day 2 this year was hands down my FAVORITE day/night I have ever experienced at a festival, EVER. Not only because Afrojack played, but it was just such an incredible day. We met up with friends we had made at front row the day before so we were just surrounded with good vibes. I also fell in love with Tiesto during his set. I've seen Tiesto a bunch of times but there was something so different about his set. I remember just looking around at the stage, my friends, the downtown skyline behind me as the sun was setting and I was in just pure euphoric bliss. I don't think I have ever been as happy as I was during Tiesto's set. My face hurt from smiling, but I couldn't help it. It really is indescribable what I was feeling so I will leave it at that, but it was absolutely amazing.

So at some point, I have NO IDEA how this happened, but I noticed a cut right next to my eyebrow that was slightly bleeding. I started freaking out, worrying that it would show up in pictures and the livestream (lol) but whatever, I realized I was having too much fun to give a shit.

Here is a video from Tiesto (I think) playing the San Holo 'Light' and 'All of the Lights' mash up. Idk man, there's just something I absolutely love about how this sounds.

And finally, may I present to you... MY ULTRA 2018 ANTHEM!!!


During Tiesto's set in 2016, he played a song called 'Drip' by Jewelz & Sparks. THIS FUCKING SONG DUDE. I'm telling you. I don't know what it was but it was so dirty and the lights were flashing this badass blue and I about lost my shit. I had it stuck in my head the rest of the night and kept hoping I would hear it again. Unfortunately I didn't, but luckily I did find it via shazam that night and I was OBSESSED with it. It became my 'Ultra song'. You know, that one song you hear that instantly takes you back to having the time of your life at a festival... where you can remember every detail of what was around you and how you felt and what the stage looked like and who you were with and UGH. Magic. So every year since, I've had a song like Drip. Last year was The End (Crankdat VIP remix) thanks to Alesso. And this year, Whistle by 4B thanks to Tiesto and Marshmello. So yeah, as soon as I heard that intro playing I got on shoulders and filmed and went as hard as I could, cause that's my Ultra song, bitch.

Day Three

Outfit Details-

Top- JrPastiesLove

Bottoms- Victoria's Secret

Jewels- StreamQueenXO

Gonna be honest, I'm a little sad writing this post and getting to day three. I've had a blast going through pictures and videos and reminiscing such an amazing weekend. I get MAJOR post Ultra depression. I'm being 100% honest when I tell you I cried for a solid half hour when I got back to my Airbnb after Day 3 and it hit me that Ultra was over until next year. Like I've said, I truly can't explain why I love Ultra so much but I do, and it hits me hard when it's over.

Okay well enough sad stuff, here are some highlights of the final day of Ultra 2018 (you know what's coming...)

First of all, shoutout to UMF TV for always getting the best shots.

I don't think I need to post anything else about day 3 other than the surprise guest closing mainstage...


And there you have it. The most magical ending possible to an incredible weekend.

Hope you had fun reading and watching about my Ultra 2018 experience!

Coming up next in Stream Queen adventures- Tomorrowland Belgium Weekend 1.