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What to Bring to a Festival

You can ask my friends, any time we are at a festival and someone says "I wish I had -insert random thing here-", I am whipping it out of my hydration pack within seconds of them finishing the sentence. I'm an over-packer. Always. I always prefer to pack things that I might never use, than to be caught wishing I had packed something that turned out to be crucial in that moment. Here are some of the most important things that I bring in my hydration pack to pretty much every festival, which have saved both mine and my friends' asses on numerous occasions.

I also want to mention- Yes, festivals do have rules on what is and isn't allowed inside. Some common rules are ones like, "No outside food/drinks", "Chapstick must be sealed", etc. Out of the 30+ festivals I have gone to with these items, not ONCE has security ever told me I couldn't bring any of these things in, even though some of them were a clear violation of the festival's rules (like snacks, opened chapstick, opened Vicks). I throw all of these things in a gallon zip lock bag and put it in my bag. When security is looking through my bag, I just pull the ziplock bag out. Sometimes they will take it and give it a glance, sometimes they don't even bother to look. Regardless, everything has always made it past security. I definitely think they appreciate the fact that I put pretty much everything into the ziplock bag so they can search through the rest of my bag quickly, which makes their job easier, and they let things "slide" that they likely would have taken from someone else.

Propel Electrolyte Packets

For when you want to stay hydrated, but don't want to pay $10 for a gatorade. Bonus- doubles as a chaser for those vodka shots you can't throw back on their own.


For blisters, random cuts and scrapes, a drunken mistake...


Cause you will definitely be asked if you have Vick's by someone at some point. Despite being outside, the majority of festivals are about as far as you can get from fresh, clean air, so these help clear out your sinuses.

Travel Deodorant

If I really have to explain this one, I definitely don't want to go to a festival with you.


But like, not any chapstick. The kind that makes your lips all cool and tingly.

Wet Wipes

Someone spilled ranch dressing ALL over my hand at Escape a few years ago and boyyyyy was I glad I had these with me.


Not those awful foam ones made for sleeping, they muffle the sound and are probably why people complain about wearing earplugs at festivals. These are high-fidelity and are specifically made for concerts, filtering out the super high and low pitched sounds (the ones that cause hearing damage). Definitely bring both sets because you will probably lose one at some point. I also bring a few pairs of the shitty foam earplugs in case any of my friends need them.


This is my favorite face sunscreen to bring to events. It is a setting spray, so you can apply it over your makeup and it won't ruin it. It also has a cooling sensation that feels really nice, especially when it's hot as balls outside. The mini size is perfect for putting in your hydration pack without taking up much room.


I know, you haven't had these since you were a kid, right? There's nothing like sifting through your hydration pack looking for something else and finding these, after forgetting they were in there at all. Imagine how people would react if Jesus himself came down from the sky, basked in the golden light cast down from heaven. That's how you're gonna feel when you're drunk and find these stashed away in your pack.

Also, handing these out to people is one of my favorite ways to make friends with someone instantly.

Pepto Tablets

These don't taste the best, but they do the job. You never know when your stomach is gonna throw a fit because of the questionable festival food you ate, and these help so you don't have to waste time feeling like shit (...or taking a shit) or going to the medical tent.


Cause if the bass doesn't make your head hurt at some point, you need to get closer to the railing.

Just kidding. But these are a lifesaver, because someone in your group will get a headache or a body ache or something at some point in the weekend. Sure, you could go get it from the medical tent but who has time for that??

Safety Pins

Coming from a girl who has had more wardrobe malfunctions than she wishes to admit, these are a lifesaver. I just pin them directly to the inside of my hydration pack so I don't have to dig around for them if I need them.

Mini E6000 Glue

My favorite glue ever, now in a convenient miniature tube! Not only for an emergency wardrobe malfunction that a safety pin can't fix, but for random things you never think will happen until it does. (Pop-socket popped off your phone? Shoe falling apart? Hydration pack ripped? No problem.)

Battery Pack

Just make sure you bring a phone cable. And you charge it the night before.

This is the exact one I have, and not only does it match my phone case, but it charges using whatever cable you use for your phone (so you don't have to worry about bringing it's own charging cable). It also can fully charge your phone several times.